Video Update #2

I interviewed one of las Madres de la Plaza de Mayo and visited the Museo Evita last week. It was pretty rad.

5 thoughts on “Video Update #2

  1. Hey dude! It sounds like Argentina is treating you quite well. I forgot you were also doing your program through SIT. I’m jealous of how small your program is. I forget, will you be there for the spring too? Suerte y hasta luego! o como dicimos aqui, “hoth sa’id wa ghanshufek!”

    • Yeah I am applying directly to some universities in the area. Hopefully i’ll be studying at USAL or Di Tella, two schools with good int. relations programs. How is your program treating you?!! Y en Buenos Aires se dice “aca” en vez de “aqui” 🙂

  2. Hey will, I’m really impressed. Saw this on Facebook newsfeed, I watched the 2nd video update and I have to say keep it up, sounds like your makin way. International Relations is a great subject of study, hope your travels treat you well.

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