Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Buenos Aires, AR 2011

La Identidad Nacional frente a una Amenaza Colectiva- El Caso de Bolivia

Perspectivas e Influencias Argentinas sobre la Intervención Humanitaria en Haití

SIT Study Abroad: Regional Integration, Development and Social Change, Buenos Aires, AR 2010

El Camino Largo de Integración Regional de Defensa y Seguridad

University of California- Berkeley, 2008-2012

Facing Existential Risk: How the US Survived the Atom Bomb and the Ozone Hole

Honors Thesis Prospectus

Military Security and Environmental Degradation

The Grameen Bank and the Effects of Gender-Based Microcredit

The Future of NGO Accountability

An Analysis of U.S. Coercion behind UN Resolutions Authorizing the Gulf War

Addressing Gender Violence in Pakistan

Liberalization, Rural-Urban Migration and the Rise of the Slums

The UN Security Council- A Crisis of Legitimacy

The UN’s Perceived Crisis of Legitimacy

Poverty and Policy- Addressing the Problem of Economic Inequality in the U.S.

Possible Solutions to the Crisis in the DRC

Sudan and Chad- A Liberalist Perspective

Paul Collier’s New Ethics of Nature and the Green Governance Paradigm

On the Limits of Protest

Principles of Conflict Negotiation and Resolution

My Thoughts about November 20th, 2009

Marx and the California Peripheral Canal Proposal

Hobbes and Locke’s State of Nature

The WTO’s Effect on Intra and International Inequality

The Plane-Ticket Problem Solutions to a Low-Price Low-Cost Culture

Descartes’ Definition of Insanity and its Effects on Sensory Doubt

Aristotle’s Happiness- A Critique of the “Highest End”

Coextensiveness and Explanation- An Analysis of Socrates’ Argument in Euthyphro

An Examination of Kant’s A Priori Knowledge

Thoughts on Morality Mill’s Utilitarianism and Kant’s Ethics of the Will

The Interpretative Differences between Philo and The Secret Revelation of John

Textbooks and Theses- The Differences Between Rashi and Luther

Spinoza’s Views on Particular Minds and Particular Bodies

Rosalind Franklin’s Perspective on “The Double Helix”: A Fictional Recount

Natural Resources and Population Midterm Exam

Southwest High School, Minneapolis, MN 2004-2008

Driving Forces Behind Ethnic Cleansing in the Former Yugoslavia

Loyalists And Their Loyalty To The Crown: Why the Tories Sided With The British

The Factors Affecting the American Economy From 1800 – 1860: Which Were Most Important And Why

Night Games

This I Believe

Me and Jonah On the Dock

Fresh Toast


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