Weekend in Review

Update time. On Friday we toured el Palacio San Martin, an old palace that has been converted into Government Foreign Affairs office.  Our tour guide explained how Buenos Aires has been copying, or trying to copy, European style since its birth, and the result is visible in the city’s buildings. I don’t know anything about architecture, but supposedly the el Palacio San Martin is very similar to Parisian palaces. I’m just taking the tour guide’s word on that one.

On Friday night, a bunch of people in our group went dancing at the boliche (dance club) Crobar. The funny part about nightlife in Buenos Aires is that none of the dance clubs open up until around 2 am, and most of them close around 8 in the morning. It’s really throwing me off my sleep schedule.

On Saturday, Rob, Luke and I took the bus out to some University of Buenos Aires soccer fields to try to find a pick-up ultimate frisbee game that we had heard about. We couldn’t find the ultimate game, but some students did invite us to partake in a friendly game of soccer. I haven’t kicked a soccer ball for about 5 years, well now it’s been about 24 hours, but before then, about 5 years. So the Porteño (Buenos Airesian) bros had fun watching me struggle. They were actually really nice and invited us back to play next weekend.

After another long night at the Boliches, some new friends and I stopped at Burger King for an 8 am snack. By snack I mean a Whopper and fries. While I was expecting the burger to be sub-par, I had no idea so many people had the same idea! The Burger King was more packed than any fast-food restaurant I’ve ever seen. Yes, including In-N-Out. I guess los Porteños like to get their fast-food on after gettin their dance on.

Then, on Sunday, Rob, Baxter and I wandered around Ricoleta (a really old neighborhood). Every weekend they hold a little fair where people sell handicrafts and people play music and everyone has a jolly time. I sure did. We also got to see Eva Peron’s grave, which is located in one of the most incredible cemeteries I’ve ever seen. However I did find it funny that right next the this cemetery stands a massive Grey’s Anatomy billboard. Yay U.S. television!

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