Plaza de Mayo

Today after our Spanish class we walked over to the Plaza de Mayo. Plaza de Mayo has been a critical location of protest, outcry, and public demonstration throughout Argentinian history. During the slew of military governments that ran the country during the 1970s and 1980s, mothers who lost their children to “disappearances” began to gather at the plaza in protest. Los Madres de Plaza de Mayo are still an active human rights group in Argentina today. In front of the Casa Rosada (the “Pink House,” which is kinda like the U.S.’s White House), supporters used to watch Juan or Evita Peron step out on the balcony and address the crowd. Here are some pictures of the Plaza and the buildings around it. After sufficiently embarrassing ourselves as tourists, we went to a famous cafe and grabbed some coffee.


One thought on “Plaza de Mayo

  1. Hi Will – these are great pictures. We gave the Mothers of the Plaza our human rights award one year many years ago at the annual dinner. I remember being so moved by their presentation. They truly changed their world – and ours.

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